Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Blog Begins

So this is my first Blog ever and it comes at a time where I have just came out from under a rock of which I have spent the last three years in a musical desert. Naturally I have been hearing all the generic stuff, but I have had enough. This summer will literally be the summer of music as I dive back into the scene of music from all walks of life and find my tunes of the summer.
For the last three weeks I have been scouring the Internet and listening to the best indie radio on the planet MotorFM to compile a list of music that will fuck up this summer - well at least my summer.

The Amplifetes
First and foremost I have to let you into the best kept secret of the past couple of years and the name is The Amplifetes. This Swedish quartet is practically god in my opinion and the lead singer looks like The Resurrection himself, I mean if God had facial hair!
 (Our main man J.C commonly known as Peter Ågren looking a bit lost in religious contemplation with his disciples (other band members); Henrik Jonback, Henrik Korpi and Tommy Spaanheden)
Hailing from all types of previous musical experiences these producer and songwriters have worked with Kelis, Madonna, Grandmaster Flash and Peter Bjorn and John. Their psychedelic, electric-pop mélange is highly addictive and should change your life if you have an ounce of it in you. The Amplifetes brought out their album The Amplifetes in September 2010; the discerning lexis of Peter Agren revealed on Meme Magazine their aim for world domination.

'The album is an attempt to smash all of our favourite musical styles and influences – and I mean all of them – together into a miniature snow ball, drop it down a steel factory chimney from a helicopter and record the sound it makes with a Dictaphone.'

I couldn't put it better myself, it definitely is unique. 
Check out;

The Amplifetes. Whizz Kid by PFAS
The Amplifetes - It's My Life by Playground Music
The Amplifetes - Somebody New by Playground Music

If you have any sense you will stop what you are doing and get out of the dark which is your existence before The Amplifetes. I'm not joking; get this on your IPod now!
Arrogant Rating: 4.5/5 (Fucking Awesome)

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