Friday, 22 July 2011

The Council wont kick 'em out and they are here to stay

Gypsy Punk

I got introduced to Gogol Bordello about 3 or so years ago and since then I have been avidly listening to their album Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike (2005). It helped I was studying Russian and could understand some lyrics from Santa Marinella which were similar in Ukrainian. Anyway the accordions and violins just rallied my Irish blood. Furthermore who can’t be charmed by the enigmatic legend which is Eugene Hütz, if his Gypsy Caravan was parked on your land you wouldn’t be calling the council, that’s for sure.
However after what I believe was a slightly disappointing album Trans-Continental Hustle (2010)  I decided to go on the hunt for more Gypsy Punk bands and see what was cracking about. For something that I believed was quite a niche scene I was surprised when a ton of Gypsy Punk talent flooded my ears; here’s to Katzenjammer, and Blackbird Raum.
So Katzenjammer, what can I say about this four piece female Norwegian band? Well their name translates literally as ‘cat's wail’ and figuratively as ‘the sense of bewilderment and confusion on a hangover’ in German. Well they certainly have summed up their style; the songs Demon Kitty and Tea with Cinammon which have a circus quality about them give off that sense of bewilderment, a musical equivalent to the ether fuelled circus scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

I must say that overall I was impressed with this strange group of women’s varying style and use of instruments; they also have been known to use cartoons to inspire their music in particular Tom and Jerry and Donald Duck. Seriously this band is fucked up; it’s like having a bunch of 12 year olds fucked off blue Smarties. Well ladies it definitely has paid off, their debut album Le Pop (2009) is definitely worth a gander.
Check out;
Arrogant Rating – 3/5 (A hangover is just a clear sign of a good night)

Blackbird Raum
Although having influences from Gypsy Punk, Blackbird Raum have created a new genre of music which is called Anarcho-Punk, to me it sounds like fucking Pirate-Punk. You have to listen to believe it; seriously I felt like I was pissed on the Jolly Roger with a hook for a hand. This band from Santa Cruz, California have clearly watched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and just wish for it to be like the old days, a simpler time, rum, rape, pillage and voyaging the high seas. They sure make me laugh and where people will probably think this is not music but a farce I quite like it; I’ve always wanted to be a pirate.

I’ve only got one criticism guys, please change you name to Blackbeard Raum it would suit you more.

Blackbird Raum – Honey in the Hair

Blackbird Raum - Honey In The Hair by ramcguckin71
Blackbird Raum – Witches
Blackbird Raum – A Rat in my Dream
Arrogant Rating – 3/5 (better whack out a barrel of grog or you’ll have a fucking mutiny)
I will finish off with a list of a two noteworthy bands and there sounds;
Balkan Beat Box – Hermetico (This Israeli band is not really Gypsy-Punk but are just incredible, if you stay seated during the song well I guess you are a paraplegic)
Neobiljni Pesimisti Srbija i Ja (Is Gypsy-Punk bottled)

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