Sunday, 24 July 2011

Let's Kurt to the chase!


This un-kept rugged Camden lot is tipped to be the ‘next English Nirvana’, and in some respects tracks like ‘We were Children’ and ‘Girlfriend’ have share the same discerning characteristics of Cobain and the gang. Tribes also share Nirvana’s eclectic variety of musical styles; with the mumbling vocals and energy-sapped depressive rifts on the one hand and the more upbeat anarchic guitar slamming cords similar to Smells like Teen Spirit. However I don’t agree with classifying bands to one single genre or a predeceasing band, and Tribes have a lot more to offer than simply a Nirvana tribute band. They have musical talent no question about it, and do show signs of a unique sound with one of my favourites Sappho.
There is one concern; I do get the feeling that Tribes have an unhealthy obsession with God, or lack of him. In Sappho we are presented with the horrific ordeal of ‘tell[ing] a child that there’s no God up in the sky and it’s all a lie’, similarly in Nightdriving ‘what use is God if you can’t see him….what use is God if you never win’. It is clear to see that these guys clearly have had hard lives if they feel so religiously ostracised by the Almighty. I say this all with a smattering of cynicism, because one thing that irritates me the most is blaming someone you don’t even believe in about your awful life. I would allow all this hatred if they got beaten up by nuns at Sunday school, but I very much doubt this is the case.  
      (Johnny Lloyd (vocals, guitar), Jim Cratchley (bass), Miguel Demelo (drums) and Dan White (guitar)
                                                      looking pretty hard done by; poor lads.)

But I’m being unfair as the band is clearly pretty hardcore; I mean the band got together in summer of 2009 after the guitarist was caught trying to steal the drummer's wallet, which is very Rock’n’Roll, or is that just more satire.
All in all I like the music which I suppose is the main thing. For example you don’t need to like the parents to like their daughter, do you?
Check out;      

Tribes - Nightdriving by ramcguckin71 Tribes - We Were Children by ramcguckin71

Sappho (demo) by TRIBES

Coming Of Age (Clip) by TRIBES

Arrogant Rating - 3/5 (Musically yes, but whatever you do don't Come as you are)

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