Wednesday, 17 August 2011

And they say being 'Premature' is always a bad thing!

So now I am back in the musical saddle again, on the two week home straight onto my next plane to Deutschland. Coming onto the scene again and there is an ocean of incredible music this month, but I have realized on my IPod there is a backlog worse than an accident on the M4. So there is a clear need for an unexpected mid month release of tunes, before I can properly get stuck in. Thus I am presenting you with the premature ‘Monthly Playlist’; prepare for a messy time and make sure you don’t get it in the eyes.

I've decided to scrap the whole here's a few recommendations thing as some got lost in the sea of SoundCloud last time.

Thus the unique voice for the unique music critics presents Premature September Playlist

Wilco – I Might
At first it was a bit Beach Boys-esque, and then the foot-tapping bass and chords lolled in; I also like the xylophone, very kitsch.
Arrogant Rating – 3.9/5  (and yeah, I am now using odd decimals so if you don’t like it..)
Wilco - I Might by weallwantsome1

Trashmonkeys –Attitudes in Stereo
I love when the chorus kicks in, ‘Oh Oh Attitudes in Stereo’. Perhaps a be a bit an oldie, but definitely a goodie.
Arrogant Rating – 3.2/5 They best clean up.
Attitudes in Stereo by Trashmonkeys

Jonathan Jeremiah – Happiness
An incredible, chilled song that you seem to have heard a hundred times although it is new; the beautiful violins add more depth to a well rounded song. Same sounds as Alexander Ebert.

Arrogant Rating – 3.8/5 I have found it Johnno my son

Happiness (Live) - Jonathan Jeremiah by PRoborgh

Black Gold – Shine
I have a lot of solemn tunes this month which is perhaps because of my impending voyage. Shine melts in your mouth.
Arrogant Rating – 4/5 Shines brighter than fools gold.
Black Gold - Shine by 247QM

Sweet Sweet Moon – Smoke Up
I reckon more of a grow-er than a show-er. Pulls of some quite lame lyrics though ‘my knees are skin, my eyes are broken, I’m gonna ride a shooting star’.
Arrogant Rating – 4.2/5
Sweet Sweet Moon - Smoke Up by Siluh Records

Emma Louise – Jungle
Perhaps could be placed on this months’ Solemn List. But in reality it is quite uplifting and the voice is angelic a bit similar to Florence and the Machines however I fell a bit purer.
Arrogant Rating – 3.8/5 I was going to mention something about downstairs but that would just be pushing for a pun/poon (I apologise).
Jungle by Emma-Louise

Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle
It has a catchy beat and a nice piano flutter in the intro. What more would you expect from Bombay Bicycle Club.
Arrogant Rating – 3.4/5
Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Typical Oasis feeling to the single to Mr Noel’s single. It has the same chords and nuances as ever.
Arrogant Rating – 2.7/5 It’s no high flyer, and if you were high probably wouldn’t even notice that it’s a new single.
Anna Sun – Walk the Moon
If I could describe it in a couple of poignant statements; the intro is The Wanted vs. Born Slippy, and then throw The Futureheads at its knees and you are almost there.
Arrogant Rating – 3.4/5 I enjoy the oxymoron of artist and song.
Anna Sun by Walk The Moon

The Rozzes – Indians
I love this band who I reckon are the reality and future of Indie, great echoes of The Libertines and the lead singer sounds uncannily like Pete himself. They are also exceptionally young, greatly promising.
Arrogant Rating – 3.7/5 They’re so young they probably still play ‘Cowboys and Indians’.

Indians by The Rozzes

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart –Even in Dreams
It seems I have gotten a bit mushy but trust me after a few turns these bad boys will play a key role in your ears.
Arrogant Rating – 3.6/5 
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Even in Dreams by Vicente P. EDPMC

Portugal. the Man – Got it all
Ha-ha! So we meet again Portugal. The Man. I feel bad because I completely slated them before, well fuck it it’s only one good song.
Arrogant Rating – 3.4/5 You’ve had your song now fuck off again.

Portugal. The Man - Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now) by Portugaltheman

Crystal Antlers – Summer Solstice
Crystal Antlers are hotly tipped this year with some classifying them as a contender with Metronomy. I haven’t got into them yet but they do show promise, perhaps more research is needed?
Arrogant Rating – 3.5/5  

Crystal Antlers - Summer Solstice by INgroovesmarketing

The Decemberists – Down by the River
I am a staunch fan after their previous song ‘This is why we fight’. There are a few folky country western vibes in this which I am digging.
Arrogant Rating – 3.7/5  

The Decemberists - Down By The River - Backstage at Bonnaroo by Lightning100

Cage the Elephants – Around my Head
I love the song, but find the Shaun of the Dead video slightly confusing. I wouldn’t have put it on but SoundCloud gave me no choice.
Arrogant Rating – 3.8/5 When did necrophilia become the ‘ghoul’ thing to do?

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