Sunday, 21 August 2011

Funny how time heals

So as I was going through all my old, accumulated junk, in preparation for German migration when I come accross some poetry, which I had written about three years ago at my former school.

I couldn't believe how dark and sinister my writing was and what a heart crushing experience I went through. So I thought it was only fair to give its right on my blog. Because as we all now who we really are, are sometimes only the battles we have fought.

This detour and mild distraction from the music will only be brief.

True the shot was,
Which pierced my fortified soul,
The serene softness of her lips,
Wished on the winds of my love,
Sensual seductions searching for the rhythm of my heart.
The walls of my soul
Fell deeper
Than those of our first parents.
The sweet sound of her love flared my nostrils,
Too greedily. I drank.
As the quiescent beauty of angels
Hid my vision from demons, ravaging
For the acrid drop of my pain.

Loves lullaby.
Softly filtered melodically into the phantasm of purple caves.
So deep its caves that our breaths
And within the entwined roots of our fingers,
Our blood passed.
One celestial being.
Ascended by loves caressing hands.

Times golden coat,
The shard of light,
Illuminated our waterfall.
Its shimmering rays of nectar,
Purged and purified nightmares of the past.
Its hazy synaesthesiatic pleasure,
Enveloped my mind.
Extended its hand.
Formed subtle rainbows with its
Beauteous pearls of sweat.
To take me home.

But harder
Its pummelled vice-like…
My head cracked,
My foot stuck in the lair of its crevices,
Corroded me,
Like the other rocks.

Smoke rose high around me,
Her supple body
Suffocated by the cars.
Tasting the mud for her perfume,
Smeared visions.
I looked up through the myriad
Of faceless faces
Her hand is in his.

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