Monday, 22 August 2011

Weekly Catch-Up - The Start of Something Special

I feel that I have not been satisfying my very few readers’ needs for Music and I feel a bit guilty as the Monthly Playlist just seems to grow higher and higher daily.

Thus, I am starting the beginning of a new Era and new form for The Arrogant Critique. It goes by the name of The Weekly Catch-Up. It will be like you have my IPod with you, although I will be one weeks ahead of you.

It’s been quite a heavy week with 20 topping the Catch-Up Playlist. Here they are;

Joe Goddard – Gabriel (feat. Valentina)

Currently one of my favourite tracks at the moment, not my general cuppa but maybe a speck of Balearic sanguine is still pumping around my system and so I have fallen. Valentina has a such a sultry but emotional voice, and Joe Goddard drops a great beat with the excellent mix of a sinister voice.
Arrogant Rating - 3.9/5

Class Actress – Keep You

As La Roux fafs about trying to do a second album she needs to watch her toes as this girl is a ‘Class’ act.
Arrogant Rating – 3.6/5

Class Actress - Keep You by honeyjam


Great heavy beats, a song to put on full volume when you’re in that ‘Fuck you’ mood!! I always have a sinister smile sweep my face when listening to this.
Arrogant Rating – 4.1/5
Woodkid - Iron   

Another song killing it with an orchestra (Chilly Gonzales being the previous person), and is tipped to be the on the Assassin’s Creed soundtrack. But to be honest I don’t give a shit about Assassins Creed really, this song is just epic.
Arrogant Rating – 4/5

Woodkid - Iron by discobiblio

Light Asylum – Dark Allies

A high charged song flowing very nicely with the previous choices, which was my desire. A sense a bit of Muse with The Klaxons’ left foot but that may just be me. Supposedly the video is good, but internet at work is fucking up so I can’t make an informed decision. Yes, I am skiving a tad.

Arrogant Rating – 3.5/5

Yoav – We all are Dancing

Now this is Ibiza for me, incredible soft beat that progressively pounces on you; whilst Yoav carries on not being bothered with flawless vocals.

Arrogant Rating – 3.8/5
New Ivory – A Knight

Such an underrated song even I didn’t notice it on my IPod, I just thought it was always there. These do sound more like the Klaxons.
Arrogant Rating – 4/5

The Carpels – Handshake

What Indie used to sound like, pure and simple. But can someone tell me who they sound like, they ring true with another artist, Pete and the Pirates possibly? Let me know.

Arrogant Rating – 3.4/5
The Carpels - Handshakes (Single available from 21st August 2011) by One Beat Records

Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette

No real introduction needed, they have smashed it again.

Arrogant Rating – 3.9/5
Friendly Fires "Blue Cassette" by

Gypsy and the Cat – Jona Vark

This song has been lolling about on the radio for some time now but I always forget it. Here you go son have a bubble on here for a while.

Arrogant Rating – 3.6/5
Gypsy And The Cat - Jona Vark by mybigmouth

Boy – Little Numbers

An instant classic who has also been avoiding me as MotorFM (soon to be FluxFM I think) have wrongly labeled it as Big Boi – Numbers which is as far away as you can get.

Arrogant Rating – 3.7/5
BOY - Little Numbers by FLEXXTERN

Mother Mother – Baby don’t Dance

The second song on their album, not as good as The Stand, but it’s passable. Lead singer sometimes reminds me here of Mika which is slightly off-putting  

Arrogant Rating – 3.4/5
Mother Mother – Baby Dont Dance by ruizit0

Cashier No. 9 – Lost at Sea

A ‘filler’ rather than a ‘fulfiller’. Enough said.

Arrogant Rating – 3.3/5

Ocean Colour Scene – Riverboat
An exciting song about an environmentally unfriendly and unsanitary estuary.
Arrogant Rating – 3.5/5

The Kills – Heart is a Beating Drum

Second song from The Kills to be mentioned on this blog, I reckon they have gotten better.
Arrogant Rating – 3.8/5
The Kills - Heart Is A Beating Drum by MSS1306

Polock - Fireworks

I thought it was a bit of a lame song when I first heard it, my opinion hasn’t really changed but you know you have to show a variety from the spectrum. Also they only had some blokes remix, but to be honest he couldn’t put much life into it either.

Arrogant Rating – 2.8/5
Polock - Fireworks (Kostrok Remix) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by KOSTROK

The Black Rabbits – Hurry Hurry

Got this band from another Blogger whilst doing a bit of research and at first thought it was OK, but it’s starting to grow. The slightly disfigured child of The Fratellis and The Libertines.

Arrogant Rating – 3.3/5
The Black Rabbits - Hurry, Hurry by theblackrabbits

(Hanni El Khatib looking fresh)
Hanni El Khatib – Dead Wrong

I cannot get enough of this song, I’m sure I’m in for a restraining order very soon. A Palestinian and Filipino who is making 50’s music like Buddy Holly this really brings a beautiful tear to my eye, what are the odds hey? I will also add that his album will be reviewed soon and it is apart from this song very modern

Arrogant Rating – 4.2/5
Hanni El Khatib - Dead Wrong by MelihMucuk

(The Stepkids are off their cakes)
 The Stepkids – Shadow on Behalf

These Psychadelic Funky Mothers have hit it on the head with this chilled, futuristic and beautiful song. If you liked Unknown Mortal Orchestra you will very much like the Stepkids.

Arrogant Rating – 3.8/5
Shadows On Behalf by The Stepkids

Tropics – Mouves

Tropics are definitely the Pepper to The Stepkids Salt and they seem to have that upbeat kick which Pepper boasts over it condiment rival.

Arrogant Rating – 3.7/5
Tropics - Mouves (Promo) by pdis_inpartmaint

Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost

A haunting way to end this week’s Catch-Up Playlist. An exceptionally moving song but not I recommend that it is not for all occasions maybe steer from bringing this out at your next house party.

Arrogant Rating – 3.9/5

And that concludes this week’s Catch-Up Playlist. If you have any recommendations on songs for next week; or just want to let me know I am a swell guy, who’s skiving off work and the risk of being sacked is worthwhile. I would even be happy to hear from those who want me to fuck off!

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