Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Dreams of Lovers in the Crimson Sky

In the crimson sky,
The verses of two lovers breathe,
Gently, hands entwined,
At the seat of eternity.

Their song, whispers through the world
Like the scent of a rose.
The beasts of hell
Whimper at the whisper
Of their unified voice.

A dream, a sweet honeycombed dream.

Where the veils of mystery are swept away
With a single note
Of their glorified beauty.
A beauty, so vivid, so enchanting.
That a lonesome drop of its essence
Would destroy that city of Angels.

But I, whose heart was forever cracked
With the misery of this poisonous world.

Whose eternity was smeared,
With the disfigured and tarred disdain of those enemies.

I opened my eyes,
And with that speck of truthful,
Razor blade light,
Glimpsed a shimmer of that dream.

My heart blessed and soul healed.

I took up my sword,
I left this world behind,
I joined that dream,
With you in the crimson sky.

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