Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Is the Sesame Streets really a musical inspiration?

Unknown Mortal Orchestra 
The next band on my ever growing list of bands on the scene is the incredible Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra is the band which has caused my ‘Replay’ button to cave in on itself and wish for me to just finish it off.
I know what you are thinking, by the sound of them it sounds like you are going to listen to a Swedish Death Metal band whose lead singer picks off spiders legs and wears them for eyelashes. Well you couldn’t be more wrong.

(Ruban Nielson in the background gnawing at his talented arms (everyone knows Autocannibalism is the beginning of every Death Metal band) and Jake Portrait (bass) and Julien Enrlich (drums))
Unknown Mortal Orchestra was coaxed to life in the bedroom of Ruban Neilson and after being persuaded to go on tour brought about a band with the likes of Jake Portrait (bass) and Julien Enrlich (drums) and has recently been touring with the likes of Portugal. The Man (who are on my list of noteworthy bands to listen out for).
As a sound, the closest I could liken it to is some of the futuristic songs from a 90’s episode of the Sesame Street. Thought Ballunes funky and questionably futuristic beats, accompanied by high pitched vocals, definitely puts that cheesy 90’s hop in your step. Although probably hotly contested I reckon if you listen carefully you can hear the similarities. Or maybe I just really like the Sesame Street number song, but to be honest with lyrics like ‘I’m a smiling alligator’ it couldn’t have fit in better than Charlie Sheen at an Al Pacino run brothel.

How Can U Luv Me will definitely be one of this summer’s big hits, with its relentless treble that doesn’t stop for a granny crossing the road, funk bass slapping antics and addictive hook it is one of the more mainstream in the album.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - How Can U Luv Me by guil-laume

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have a layered mixture of styles and textures which cause a unique buzz in your head, that is duly summarised in Mr Nielson’s words on his sound "an escape hatch to a new musical dimension where my vision of junkyard record-collector pop could be realised in a sound that recalled Captain Beefheart, Sly Stone and RZA jamming on some kids' TV theme too dark to ever be broadcast". The addition of funky bass and scarring chords give Ruban Nielson a greater edge to other bedroom artists whose beats lack the quintessence of real music.

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ffunny Ffrends by chaught02

Arrogant Rating – 4/5 (Bert and Ernie clearly are fucking shit up on the decks!)

You didn't think that I would finish without a quick sneeky peek of Portugal. The Man did you? Come on get a fucking grip and pull yourself together, of course I was. Well actually as I was looking I decided they were pretty lame but instead here are a few little teasers.

The Drums - Money 3/5 (the chorus makes me laugh, you know what get a fucking job)

The Drums - Money by weallwantsome1

Chilly Gonzales - Party in My Mind 4/5 (The hook is catchy and for a white guy taking the piss also good lyrics)

Party In My Mind - Chilly Gonzales by crypticvalentine

Boots Electric - Boots Electric Theme ('Just use your finger babe', enough said)

Boots Electric Theme by Boots Electric

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