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Shabazz Palaces - This Man is three Shillings Short of a Pound

Black Up (2011)

The label Sub Pop, who currently have on their books at the moment bands such as Fleet Foxes, CSS, Foals and The Go! Team, recently signed its first ever Hip Hop who go by the name of Shabazz Palaces. So why on earth has an Indie/Alt Rock label like Sub Pop suddenly upped sticks and decided to stake their claim on the universal musical monopoly board?

And this is what they had to say about their new angle;
“If Bedouins herded beats instead of goats and settled in Seattle
 Instead of the Atlas Mountains, this would be their album”

Now before I go on whack on this first tune and realise what Sub Pop were on about!!
(Oh yeah and put you headphones on full, trust me.)

Shabazz Palaces – Youlogy
Arrogant Rating – 4.2/5

Seattle born Ishmael ‘Butterfly’ Butler has incredibly mastered the art of musical alchemy entwining Rap, Dubstep and Old Skool Hip Hop. Not only that, Ishmael is clearly ‘crazier than a bag of angel dust’. Not only does he have the superb lyrical artistry of Notorious himself but perhaps he actually is slightly deluded. I say this for the following reasons.
·         The absurd and unnecessarily long and complex song titles including;

Swerve…The Reaping of all that is Worthwhile (Noir not Withstanding)

And my favourite of all time;

32 Leaves Dipped in Blackness Making Clouds forming Altered Carbon
Shabazz Palaces constantly float in this fog of mystery as Ishmael refuses to name anyone who has had any part in the production of Black Up. Moreover, after refusing any type of publicity, Shabazz Palaces accepted an interview with Pitchfork on the grounds that absolutely no Image, of any sort, of himself must be used or taken. Moreover, this Ishmael’s previous pseudonym was Palaceer Lazaro, where he was a part of the Grammy award-winning group Diggable Planets. Thus perhaps all this solitary confinement is to alleviate any previous memories and have a clean slate. He is still is crazy than a somersaulting snail no doubt about it.
Even if he is three shillings short of a pound he is a musical genius, the Rain man of Hip Hop.
I think Swerve…The Reaping of all that is Worthwhile (Noir not Withstanding) is the most mainstream on Butler’s album and possibly the biggest head banger. With a heavy foot-stomping bass that will leave pot-holes; dream-like female vocals juxtaposed by an anonymous female’s harsh lyrics (sounds a bit like Nicki Minaj); all topped off with a clever samba outro. Incredible!
Then songs like An Echo from the Hosts that Profess Infinitum offers an awkward synth-ed future sound with Butler’s naturally enchanting lyrics; all cemented with a heavy drop stalking it.

Free Press and Curl is a bass and gunshot filled frenzy, whereas Are You...Can You...Were You? (Felt) and Recollections of The Wraith offer a slower and sometimes haunted sound.

Thus it is clear to say with Shabazz's lucid lyrics, heart pounding beat, obscure sounds and wavering desert voice. Black Up is an incredible adventure.

Just for the fuck of it, and because it is incredibly obscure here is the full Track-list (not in album order)
1)   A Treatease Dedicated To The Avian Airess from North East Nubis.
2)   The King's New Clothes Were Made By His Own Hands.
3)   Recollections of the Wraith.
4)   Endeavors for Never (The last time we spoke you said you were not     here. I saw you though.)
5)   Youlogy.
6)   Swerve ... the Reeping of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir not Withstanding).
7)   32 Leaves Dipped in Blackness Making Clouds forming Altered Carbon.
8)    Yeah You.
9)    Free Press and Curl.
10)  Are you... Can you... Were you? (Felt).

Arrogant Rating - 4.3/5 (This crazy clown might just be the future of Hip Hop)

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